All participants must be full-time or part-time University students, undergraduate or graduate student, during Spring 2014 except where permission is explicitly given.



Teams must consist of between 1 and 6 participants. Teams must submit a list of members upon submitting their project on Saturday April 26th. Any modifications after that must be approved by organizers. You can, by all means go solo, but we encourage you to work in groups!



Each team is permitted one submission that must be received by 6:00PM on Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Code submitted must be produced only by team members and written during RedesigNU from the starting time on Friday, April 25th, 2014 to the submission time. Previous projects or using old code written by you is not allowed for the event. In order for hacks to be eligible for prizes, all hacks must be started at RedesigNU. Third party libraries are allowed without notice provided that they are publicly available to any participant. All code you create at RedesigNU is open source.



Teams’ demos will be judged on several criteria including usefulness to students, functionality, visual design, innovation, and creativity. More details about the judging process will be provided closer to the event. Teams will not be told their scores during or after judging, and decisions by the judges and RedesigNU team are final.



By attending RedesigNU, you acknowledge that your picture and video may be used without compensation, prior permission, or notification in any promotional material related to RedesigNU.